Reboot InfoGamer 2019

influencer strategy


Reboot InfoGamer is one of the biggest gaming fairs, not only in Europe but in the whole world.

For its 8th edition, it was again held in Zagreb, Croatia, and affirmed its position as the center of regional gaming and YouTube scene.


This year, besides Croatia, the goal was to get more people from the whole region. That’s why they introduced transfer and stay options. So, the main focus was to get traffic to the site and create a massive online hype throughout the region.

Also, since every gamer was already stoked to go there, enthusiasm was to be spread to the mainstream public as well.


We organized a hefty number of 25 influencers throughout the whole region - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro.

The message was distributed through a tact combination of Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, and live streams.

Just before the event, a large ticket giveaway increased the online buzz and fortified positive results.



Video Views


Live Stream Impressions


Link Clicks

91 000+

Record Ticket Sales

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