eShark Launch

influencer and social media strategy


eShark is a hi-end gaming peripherals brand focused on professional players who wish to compete in esports. It is conceived as a sub-brand of White Shark, and focuses on minimalism, simplicity and prestige quality.


Since the brand was completely new on the market, it’s identity had to be created from scratch. It had to be separated from White Shark and positioned as a premium brand.


Social media profiles were created, managed and monitored throughout the campaign.

Instagram and Facebook were used as main platforms during ad campaigns which featured high-quality videos teasing new products.

In the reveal phase, 15 different mobile-first videos were used as ads, showcasing the professional gaming peripherals.

A special video was released for White Shark fans, featuring an already familiar product Napoleon, which transitioned to eShark. It was given an immense upgrade and became Shinai, again highlighting the premium quality of the brand.

Three of the most famous hardware reviewing channels in Balkan reviewed eShark products in front of their audiences.





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